What a dilemma!
Politics and politricks
Sad life we live everyday
Massacre today, kidnapping tomorrow

Our eyes flow rivers
Our hearts harbour thunder
For only in our world
Does devil condemn Satan

The cattle rearers of the then
Human butcher of our time
If the land is for cattles
Let no man live

Good neighbours of the then
Kidnappers of our time
Where do we hide our heads
For brother’s keeper are brother’s killers

What a dilemma
The land of love produces hatred
The land of plenty produces nothing
Politics and politricks

What a dilemma!
CAN and MURIC today
MURIC and CAN tomorrow
Like a nation without leaders

What a dilemma!
Politics and politricks
Cross-carpeting today
Carpet-crossing tomorrow

Politics and politricks
Fuel subsidy and food hike
Teeth gnashing everywhere
What a dilemma!

Right here in this hell
The only option is to choose
Between Devil and Satan
What a dilemma!

Luqman A. Alawode


You can not keep doing the samething and expect change – QUINCY KANAYO OKOJIE

So this was one motto that followed me for a pretty long time after several failed relationships. I realised that as a young woman in an African country, specifically Nigeria, there was no way I can be my proud faulty self and expect certain things to just happen. 80% of the circumstances we face are usually as a result of our careless actions and it is interesting that we pride ourselves in it thinking it is just who we are….that we can’t be better. The truth is that fate usually only takes 20% of our life choices, the remaining big 80% are usually our own doing.

What am I trying to say?

Growing up, I had serious anger issues. Geezs I rirked of it. Literally everyone close to me knew this. While some got captivated by my face, others fled after seeing that part of me because what insane man would see such a temper and remained. It made me intolerable, impatient careless and unforgiving.

Unfortunately as a young woman, i prided myself in it… Not realising how fast I was drowning from one failed relationship to another. As human beings, its our default nature to be blind to our own faults, I just don’t know why. We are perfectly good at pointing fingers and not realizing that we are our own problem.

But anyway with time and with God’s help, the anger died… The attitude changed. It took quite alot of effort on God’s part though-with a lot of tumbling down and getting back up along the way..I still don’t know how God did it- but in the end, it was all worth it. I wouldn’t say I’m a 100% right now.. But I can say I’m way better than who I was. This is one remarkable thing about God. You can’t encounter Him and remain the same. His love is redeeming and life transforming. In Him, there is absolutely no darkness ; no pain, no anger, no hatred… No humane inefficiency, just purity, just love… just kindness.

So dear sister and brother, this is 2018. If you know deep within you that there is something hindering you from attaining certain goals and desires in life … You need to change that because you can not keep doing the same thing and expect change. You can’t keep running from God and expect to be righteous. You can’t keep spending all your time seeking men’s attention and feel truly loved. You can’t keep being intolerable and expect patience. You can’t keep being angry and expect to rule. Make up your mind, to be a better version of yourself.

“Let your light so shine before men that they’ll give glory to God your Lord and Father”

Let your life be nothing but beautiful in this year and as you make that positive change that you need to grow, may all your dreams and aspirations come through.

Happy New Year!
—-fromThe Okojies


Contrary to the popular notion that Nigerian graduates and youth of today are not intelligent, are wailers and rely solely on white collar job without taking the advantage of technological development like their counterparts abroad to solve problems. A 32 years old Nigerian graduate of Electronic and Computer Technology named Augustine Otuokwa Ogar has constructed a 200 Mega Watts Hydroelectric plant that generates electricity for the plant site and its surrounding in Mgbaeshuo village, Wula Community of Boki Local Government Area, Cross River State.

Otuokwa converted the kinetic energy of a flowing stream water into electric energy with other handpicked materials and equipments which he intelligently put together.

When interviewed Otuokwa said “When the turbine spins so does the electromagnetic field convert this mechanical energy into electric energy” he said further that the flow rate of the stream water is low, because it is not a dam or water fall, this is a small stream with low flowing water, Yet I was able to convert it to bring Pressure and fall like a Dam.”

This is a call and challenge on the part of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and well-to-do Nigerians. Augustine Otuokwa Ogar, needs encouragement and total empowerment.
If he can generate power from his locally constructed Hydroelectric power plant, obviously he can do better if empowered, he can construct a more powerful energy generating plant that can serve the entire Local Government and beyond.


Is your physical appearance the REAL you? I beg to disagree, look at that man on the street in a tattered dress without shoe, you can as well believe that he is a mad man as everyone will think but becareful, he may be doing that on purpose. Examples of these are not far fetched in our environment.

What if I decide to put on a white garment and walk on the street barefooted? Majority will assume that I am a member of Celestial Church of Christ but is that the real me? I may be doing that on purpose.


What if that herbalist or an atheist decide to grow bears, put on jalabiah and an ankle trouser, I guess majority will also assume that he is a Muslim or a Tabliq but is that the real him? That appearance may also be deceptive.

Is everyone in suit and tie rushing out in the morning a civil servant? The answer is NO, I have a carpenter friend who dresses better than Directors.

The real you is obviously not your physical appearance but that THING in you that DIRECTS and tell you what to do.

The real you is your REASONING
The real you is your CHARACTER
The real you is your RELATIONSHIP with others
The real you is your KNOWLEDGE

It is pathetic that we now live in a world where people are judged according to their appearance (esp dress) which in most cases is deceptive, although it is a known fact that there is a limit to the extent at which our physical appearance can decieve people, sooner or later they will find our whom we truly are.

You can wear the best dress to attend an interview, that will only earn you two to three mark but the real you will earn you the job. If you have experienced a sitiation where people suddenly withdraw from you, it may be that you have successfully decieve them to be with you in the first place. BE REAL

Physique only proves BEAUTY
KNOWLEDGE you acquire determines your INDEPENDENCE

It is on this note that I wish to say that we should always look before we leap though all golds are glitter but all glitters are not gold, it will be fool of anyone to judge a book by the cover because the content determines what kind of book it is.

Before you go out with that friend. – KNOW HIM
Before you believe that religion leader – EXAMINE HIM
Before you vote for that leader. – TEST HIM
Before you take that post on social media serious – KNOW THE SOURCE, VERIFY AND DIGEST.